17 September 2023

Rishton Methodist Church

Great Harwood Circuit


Rev Dr Mark Jason

Tel. 07305 805930

Email: mark.jason@methodist.org.uk


Notices Sunday 17th September 2023

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Education Sunday

Preacher:  10:30 Rev Dr Mark Jason

The service will include Holy Communion

Steward: Madeleine Riley

Organist: Alan Amos

Welcome Steward:  Alison Neale

Church Flowers this week are donated by Mr and Mrs G Smale

and arranged by Gill Davenport

Retiring collection:  School Welfare Fund

Please note that the church collection plate will be placed just inside the worship area.



Dates for your diary this week

Sun Sep 17th. 09:30-10:15. Sunday Club Mtg                

Mon Sep 18th.       09:00-11:00 Parents & Carers

                                13:15-15:15 Taiji Qigong

                         18:15-19:45. Rainbows, Brownies 


                              19:30. Property &Finance Ctte.

Tue Sep 19th.                09:00-09:30. School Worship

Wed Sep 20th            0:00-13:00. Child Minders

                               14:00-17:00. Film and Tea

Fri Sep 22nd           19:30-22:00. Acc. Camera Club        


Dates for your diary next week

Mon Sep 25th          09:00-11:00 Parents & Carers

                               13:15-15:15 Taiji Qigong

                         18:15-19:45. Rainbows, Brownies &


                               19:30. Property &Finance Ctte.

Tue Sep 26th.                09:00-09:30. School Worship

Wed Sep 27th            14:00-17:00. Film and Tea

Thu. Sep 28th.        14:00. Thursday Ladies

                                19:30. Blackburn Cycling Club 

Fri Sep 29th             19:30-22:00. Acc. Camera Club        

Future Dates

Thur Oct 5th.            19:30. Church Council

 Sun Oct 15th.       10:30 Harvest

Tue Oct 17th.               2.30pm School Harvest



 "Action for Children"

The Methodist Church Home Collection boxes. Have raised £75.00 for the Action for Children Charity. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped achieve this.




 "50th Anniversary Donations"

The treasurers would like to thank everyone on behalf of Rishton Methodist Church for the kind donations. £490.02 was raised.



Property & Finance Meeting

Monday 18th September 7.30pm in the Meeting Room.


Calling all Ladies.   

 September is here again, which means that

the Thursday Ladies will recommence meeting on the last Thursday of each month, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm, in the small meeting room.  All ladies (of any age) are welcome, whether attendees of the church or not.  For our first meeting, on Thursday 28th September, we will be welcoming Melvyn, who will provide us with stories and poems, followed by our usual refreshments.

I hope to see you all there. Madeleine



Christian Aid Donation

In addition to the £300.00 donation to “Our Food Bank” which was noted in last week’s notices, we have also received a lovely letter of thanks from Christian Aid following receipt of the Church’s donation: “Thank you so much for your incredible support, prayers and generosity this Christian Aid week.  Your gift of £300.00 on behalf of Rishton Methodist Church will help families around the world…”. Both gifts have been raised from our refreshment donations following the church services.

School Welfare Fund collection and Education Sunday

There will be a collection for Rishton Methodist Primary School Welfare Fund on 10th and 17th September. This Fund provides a much-needed source of assistance to deserving families and children at the start of the school year/term and is greatly appreciated by the school. 

I also remind you that this year, we are celebrating Education Sunday on 17th September. Members of the school community will be taking part in worship at Rishton, to which all are welcome. 

As I have said before, our mission to the school is one of our priorities as a Circuit and I encourage you to support this mission whenever and however you can. If you would like to know more about how you can be involved, please get in touch with me. 

Rev. Mark


Afternoon Tea & Film !

At Rishton Methodist Church.

Wed 21st September at 2pm

“What we did on our Holiday”

What We Did on Our Holiday is a 2014 British comedy-drama film written and directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin. The film, starring David Tennant, Rosamund Pike, and Billy Connolly, was inspired by, but not related to, the BBC show Outnumbered.

Then on Wed 18th October at 2pm

“Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

A 2008 American action adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg from a screenplay by David Koepp. The fourth installment in the Indiana Jones film series. Set in 1957, it pits Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) against Soviet KGB agents led by Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett) searching for a telepathic crystal skull located in Peru. Jones aided by former lover, Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen), and their son, Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf)

Share tea and a chat with friends !

The film starts at 2pm and afternoon tea served about 3.45pm.

Come for both or just for tea!

No charge just donations towards the cost of afternoon tea  



 Closing date for notices

It would be helpful if all notices for Sunday September 24th could be in by the evening of Wednesday September 20th.   Please send them to: steveruth.colling@gmail.com 01254 883200 or tunstallsharon2@gmail.com mobile 07930930514.


Preacher next week

Sunday 24th September: Mr Stephen Colling   Steward:  Mrs Kathryn Bridges 


And Finally……

Food for thought No. 56.

 My local fish & chip shop has started wrapping them in magazines instead of newspaper.  I'm eating them out of House and Home !.

Last night they were wrapped in the Parish Magazine, In it was an undercooked piece of Cod which passed all understanding!


The Bible in 50 Words:

God made,
Adam bit,
Noah arked,
Abraham split,
Joseph ruled,
Jacob fooled,
Bush talked,
Moses balked,
Pharaoh plagued,
People walked,
Sea divided,
Tablets guided,
Promise landed,
Saul freaked,
David peeked,
Prophets warned,
Jesus born,
God walked,
Love talked,
Anger crucified,
Hope died,
Love rose,
Spirit flamed,
Word spread,
God remained.

©2021 by Walk Thru the Bible